Communist Bucharest Tour


Explore Bucharest’s communist heritage and the main sites linked to this compelling period which marked deeply Romanian history.

The famous House of the People, now the Romanian Parliament, is the tour’s main highlight together with the former residence of the Ceausescu dictator – the Spring Palace.

To understand the outburst of violence of the Romanian Revolution of 1989, together with your local guide you will follow the steps of the events that took place in University Square and Revolution Square.

Your guide will share with you the history, dates and facts, as well as stories and photos from the communist period, making it easier to grasp what day to day life was like in those times.

To sweeten the taste of the stories from the old days, you are invited to try out a few sweet treats popular in the communist period.




6 hours



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  • Licensed guide services in English / French / Italian
  • Permanent assistance during tour
  • Bucharest map
  • Starting location at your hotel


  • Palace of the Parliament (House of the People)
  • Union Square and Victory of Socialism Boulevard
  • Civic Center and Constitution Square
  • Revolution Square and University Square
  • House of the Free Press
  • Spring Palace – former residence of Ceaușescu




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