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As confinement measures for the pandemic are being lifted worldwide, international travel becomes again an interesting project for many of us.

Surely, the Coronavirus is here to stay with us for a while longer, but measures are taken in all fields of economy to make it possible to go back to our lives and enjoy the things we love.  Travel is one of them.

Our priority is your safety, while delivering the same great private tours that connect you to Bucharest, the local life, history and culture.


Safety measures

This is why we have researched and put together a set of measures to make our tours safe, as well as fun and interesting:

  • All our tours are private, making them safer by minimizing exposure to the virus.
  • You can book safely via email / mobile / WhatsApp at 0040723179233, office@wheninbucharest.com
  • All our guides are trained in regards to the best safety measures to protect themselves and our guests from the spread of the Corona virus.
  • All our guides wear masks and use hand sanitizer regularly throughout the tour.
  • You will be offered a disposable mask at the beginning of the tour. Guides will also offer hand sanitizer at regular intervals throughout the tour.
  • We maintain a safe social distance throughout the tour (1,5 – 2 meters).
  • We adapted our itineraries to avoid crowded areas.
  • We are constantly updating our safety policy in accordance with the latest national measures and regulations.


Free Cancellation Policy

Moreover, we fully understand that during this period of uncertainty flexibility is very important for our clients.

We have implemented a free cancellations policy for all our tours. No deposit required, the payment can be done in full at the end of the tour. Full flexibility for your travel.


One last thing to mention: please remember that we are always smiling at you from behind that mask. Welcoming tourists again to our home town is a pleasure and an honor. Thank you!