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Bucharest City Tours

When in Bucharest tours are available in English, French and Italian.
To guarantee the best experience of Bucharest all our tours are private.



Book a Bucharest private tour and enjoy the city  | Prices from 100€

Bucharest Day Tour (7h) | from 225€

Connect to the city life, local history and culture, while visiting the best of Bucharest accompanied by your local private guide!


Hidden Bucharest Tour (3h) | from 140€

An authentic Bucharest experience that will take you off the beaten path and into the best hidden spots in town!


Wine Tasting in the Old Town Tour (3h) | from 190€

Enjoy the best Romanian wines on a private wine tour that takes you to the finest wines bars in the Old Town

Best of Bucharest Tour (3h) | from 125€

An overall memorable experience of the city, hearing the stories of the main landmarks in Bucharest!


Welcome to Bucharest (2h) | from 120€

An introductory private tour to explore the highlights and get oriented in just 2 hours.

The perfect way to start your holiday in Bucharest!

Jewish Heritage Tour (3h) | from 140€

Visit the beautiful landmarks of Bucharest’s Jewish heritage, hidden right in the heart of the city!

Communist Bucharest (3h) | from 140€

Step behind the Iron Curtain to uncover the past and to experience Bucharest’s communist heritage!

Tailor Made Tour

Mix in the best sights, activities and experiences in Bucharest into your private custom tailor-made tour!