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When in Bucharest: local tips from a local guide

Safe Bucharest private tours

As confinement measures for the pandemic are being lifted worldwide, international travel becomes again an interesting project for many of us. Surely, the Coronavirus is here to stay with us for a while longer, but measures are taken in all fields of economy to make... read more

Traditional Romanian drinks

One thing is certain: no traveler will ever die of thirst in Romania! In our stories and most of the folklore, the stranger visiting a Romanian village will always welcomed with wine and bread. But there are many other drinks that Romanians love.   The... read more

Traditional Romanian food

When in Bucharest, eat with and like the locals When traveling to a new country one of the best ways to get to know the local culture is to taste the local food. Romanian cuisine is very diverse and delicious, there are plenty of options to pick from for a main dish.... read more

When to visit Bucharest? Springtime!

When in Bucharest? In springtime Ever wonder why some seasons are more becoming to certain cities or why one couldn’t even picture traveling to some destinations out of the touristic season? Well, in Bucharest’s case I believe that spring is the most enjoyable season.... read more

Architecture in Bucharest

Fall in love with architecture when in Bucharest Rich history and architectural diversity seem to characterize most European capitals, perhaps more than Bucharest. Yet, the incredible density of architectural styles that alternate on the same block is one of... read more

Winter in Bucharest

Exploring Bucharest in winter -12°C / 10°F, snowy sidewalks, sunny, clear skies. Does it seem too cold to enjoy a holiday? Well, in the last couple of winters we have welcomed travelers from Florida, Sicily, why even Hawaii, and not only did they all survive the cold... read more

Palace of the Parliament

House of the People to some, Palace of the Parliament to others. Must-see landmark for all The Palace of the Parliament is definitely on everyone’s check-list when in Bucharest. However, it is not the most tourist-friendly of the local highlights, so here are a few... read more

When in Bucharest

Dear friends, tourists and travel professionals,   You’ve just landed on the When in Bucharest blog. Welcome! The promise of this blog is to bring you fresh local tips from your local guide, Alina Brasoveanu.   You are invited to tune in for our next posts... read more

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