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Today it’s 2° Celsius (that’s 35° Fahrenheit) and snowing like in a fairy tale. That’s why I’m thinking of lemonade and the sunny summer days!

Lemonade is a typical and refreshing drink all cafes and restaurants in Bucharest will serve all throughout the year, but in particular from spring until late autumn.

During our private tours of Bucharest, we recommend our guests to enjoy a lemonade break in the Old Town or in one of the outdoor cafes across the city. It’s a great way to recharge one’s batteries and pump up our vitamin C levels, all the while giving us the time to enjoy a nice conversation!

There are plenty of varieties and they are all homemade from freshly squeezed lemons. There’s your sparking water based variety (we love sparking water in Romania!) and your still water version. Both are usually sweetened with local honey, gold in color and absolutely delicious! Then it can be topped up with more flavoring adding fruits, syrup or herbs (mint lemonade is by far my all-time favorite).

We almost consider it a “traditional drink” for summertime, in spite of the fact that the lemons are imported (Turkey, Greece, Italy and further away as well), but the honey is local!

Honey is one the best local products we warmly recommend as a delicious souvenir to bring back home to family and friends. The Romanian beekeeping tradition goes back a long long time to antiquity and our ancestors, the Dacians – mighty warriors and handy beekeepers.

Putting on the kettle now for a mint tea in the middle of winter, while thinking of a mint lemonade break in the middle of a walking tour of Bucharest, well deserved treat! Cheers!