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When in Bucharest? In springtime

Ever wonder why some seasons are more becoming to certain cities or why one couldn’t even picture traveling to some destinations out of the tourist season? Well, in Bucharest’s case I believe that spring is the most enjoyable season.

After a long winter (no matter how light or short the winter might have been, it is always too long), spring brings out the best in the city.

Bucharest in spring is not only pleasant weather-wise, with sweet breezes and kind sunlight, but it is absolutely charming with its trees in blossom and its lovely soundtrack of birds singing mixed with kids’ laughter and play.

To me spring in Bucharest means the first cafés  and restaurants opening up to the public and installing their tables and chairs on the sidewalk, talking up the place but making up for it by the friendly chatter of people enjoying a drink outdoor.

If you are planning a visit to the Romanian capital and wondering “What season is better to visit Bucharest?”, I’d say: in the springtime!

And to fully convince you, I’ll throw in a couple of extra tips:

When in Bucharest, springtime or any other season, enjoy the city!


p.s.: photo credits to Alexandra Carlsson, dear friend and awesome fellow guide!