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One thing is certain: no traveler will ever die of thirst in Romania! In our stories and most of the folklore, the stranger visiting a Romanian village will always welcomed with wine and bread. But there are many other drinks that Romanians love.


The traditional Romanian drinks in nutshell:

  • Romanians love sparkled water (we call it mineral water in Romanian). In summer we might mix red or white wine with sparkling water and call it șpriț, a light drink to refresh.
  • The alternatives for refreshing drinks are the home lemonade (made with sparkling or still water, adding mint, oranges or other fruits) and the local beers – mostly light  ale, quite refreshing!
  • In winter, the mulled wine and the hot plum brandy (called țuica or pălincă) are popular and will heat up the snowy atmosphere!
  • Romania is the 12th wine producer worldwide as far as volume goes (2019 statistics). If you fancy wines, you are invited to try some of the local varieties: the red Fetească Neagră (Black Virgin), the white Fetească Albă (White Virgin) and Fetească Regală (Royal Virgin). Of course, a perfect blend of Romanian and French varieties like Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc can make the local wines even more memorable!


Wine bars in the Old Town

In the Old Town, the historic and touristic pedestrian heart of the city, there are several places where you can try the amazing Romanian wines. Three of my favorites wine bars are:

  • Bruno’s wine bar, 9 Covaci St., one of the first in town, has a great wine list and good prices and snack platters. The indoor is smoking, so try to get a table outdoor to fully enjoy the bouquet of the wines!
  • Corks’ wine bar, 1 Bacani St., a lovely décor and very good wine list. Three great wine tastings menus available – on reservation only. Bonus: lots of delightful dishes!
  • Abel’s wine bar, 10 Tonitza St., a friendly and cozy atmosphere with a great wine list of the best local blends and varietals. Paolo, the Italian owner, will gladly introduce you to the world of Romanian wines and pour a glass of the traditional plum brandy as well.

Join me on a tour of the Old Town and a wine tasting of the best Romanian wines to truly get to know the country!