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When in Bucharest, eat with and like the locals

When traveling to a new country one of the best ways to get to know the local culture is to taste the local food. Romanian cuisine is very diverse and delicious, there are plenty of options to pick from for a main dish.

Below I am sharing a few of my favorite dishes, very Romanian indeed, and easy to order in most traditional restaurants in Bucharest:

  • Sarmale în foi de varză – the most famous traditional Romanian dish (present in the Balkans, in Turkey and Greece as well). Sauerkraut rolls stuffed with pork minced meat, rice, onion and thyme, with a tint of tomato sauce to add color and flavor, served with polenta, sour cream and a hot pepper on the side.
  • Ciolan de porc cu fasole / varză – Pork knuckles with beans stew / cabbage stew. Portions are huuuuge!
  • As a starter there are many platters containing cold meats and cheeses or, when at home, most Romanians would have a ciorba (soup made usually with meat – chicken, pork, meatballs, even tripe).
  • All pork specialties are loved by Romanians: meatballs, mici (a traditional grilled skinless sausage), scruff or schnitzel. Lamb (pastrami or sausages of Pleșcoi) and chicken (in a stew with vegetables, or as skewers) are also popular and delicious.

Join me on a private tour of Bucharest, tailor-made to fit in all the traditional Romanian dishes you would like to taste!

Poftă bună! Enjoy!!!