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About When in Bucharest Tours

… here are a few frequently asked questions and our answers to them:


Q: Do I have to be fit for the tour?
The tour is not designed with athlete-tourists in mind, but being used to walking and to a little exercise is definitely going to be helpful. The tour adapts to the pace of our visitors, respecting the itinerary and the time budget. The terrain is mostly flat and there will be many short brakes, as well as optional longer coffee breaks.

Q: Do the tours include bathroom breaks or shopping opportunities?
A: Absolutely: When in Bucharest tours are designed to fit in bathroom breaks, as well as to provide you with shopping opportunities if you wish to find local souvenirs.

Q: Are we going to walk all the time?
There will be plenty of opportunities to sit down and rest for a bit on a bench in the main squares or in the local parks. During our interior visits of museums and churches, sitting down for a few moments is also advisable.
In addition to this, a coffee break or a lunch break are more than welcome. Take a look at our blog and our recommendations for a good cup of coffee or a delicious lunch in Bucharest.

Q: How should I prepare for the tour?
Having the tour printed booking details on you, along with a valid ID, is always helpful. Also in summer days, it can get pretty hot, so bringing a bottle of water, hat, sunscreen and light clothing is advisable. On the other hand, Romanian winters are not particularly friendly, warm clothes are required.

Q: What happens if the weather is bad?
Tours take place regardless of the weather: rain or shine, on a hot day as well as on a chilly one. We will redesign our tours to better adapt them to the weather and to assure your comfort, by spending more time indoors, exploring the city’s history and culture from the interior or sipping on a cup of hot chocolate and sharing the best stories and pictures the city has to offer.

Q: Can I tip your guide? How much should I tip the guide?
In Romania tipping is part of the local culture, you can read more about this in one of our blog posts. However, tipping your guide is optional and the amount of the tip depends on your level of satisfaction. If you have enjoyed the tour and had a good time, gratuities are always appreciated.

Q: I couldn’t find any tour that really fits my touristic interests. Could I have a custom tour?
Absolutely. We also specialize in private custom tours and we look forward to designing together your touristic experience in Bucharest. Write us at office@wheninbucharest.com and let’s design together a memorable experience of Bucharest.







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