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Fall in love with architecture when in Bucharest

Rich history and architectural diversity seem to characterize most European capitals, perhaps more than Bucharest. Yet, the incredible density of architectural styles that alternate on the same block is one of Bucharest’s defining characteristics.

And, yes, it can be seen as a flaw and a lack of unity. In spite of that, I invite you to experience it as an enriching dive through the layers of history embodied into the contrasting façades just waiting to be photographed. Explore the wide variety of architectural styles that make up Bucharest’s architecture mix!

A handful of pocket-size medieval Orthodox churches stand out like gems alongside modern steel and glass corporate buildings. Besides them, our attention is soon drawn by the elegant French Neoclassical 19th century public edifices.

Just a few steps further appears on scene an ornate Neoromanian mansion from the early 20th century, drawing its design inspiration from medieval religious and rural local architecture.

On the same block, Art Deco and Modernist buildings stand testimony to the expedite modernization the Romania went through in the interwar period.

Starting from the early ‘50s, the socialist architecture spread like a plague in the city’s urban tissue and gave birth to different styles in the “internationalist” pro-soviet period (1948 – 1971) and the nationalist period (1972 – 1989).

In the end, a new wave of architectural expression found its way into the urban landscape: combining the new and the old and by placing it side by side in a typical charming Romanian disorder.

For all those passionate about architecture, Bucharest is a feast for the eyes!

Bring your cameras and follow our blog to keep track of the most beautiful architectural pieces of heritage in town. Meanwhile, enjoy a few beautiful shots of the local architecture!