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Terms & Conditions

The present Terms and Conditions contain legal obligations. When in Bucharest encourages you to read them carefully and to write us for any questions about them. When in Bucharest bookings are made and accepted under the present Terms and Conditions.

All reservations made through www.wheninbucharest.com, as well as via email or telephone, are subject to these Terms & Conditions. When a Customer makes a reservation for a tour or activity it will be deemed that they have accepted the present Terms & Conditions on behalf of all persons included in the booking and consents to these Terms & Conditions by using www.wheninbucharest.com and booking via email or telephone.

No modifications or variations to these Terms & Conditions will be accepted unless agreed in writing by When in Bucharest.

Personal Safety
Each Customer is responsible for maintaining their own safety at all times. By agreeing to take part on the tour or activity, all Customers are agreeing to listen to the safety instructions given by the Guide and to exercise due care and attention during walking and performing activities during the tour.

Accident or Loss
We kindly advise you to take care of all personal property. When in Bucharest will not be liable for any inconvenience, delay, theft, loss, damage, direct or consequential loss, however it is caused.

Customer Conduct & Safety
When in Bucharest reserves the right to refuse access to participate on a particular tour should circumstances be deemed to compromise tour or customers safety. When in Bucharest also reserves the right to exclude any individual from a tour or activity if the Guide considers his/her conduct to be dangerous, offensive or a nuisance to other Customers.

Tour itinerary
In order to provide the best quality service and excellent experiences, When in Bucharest reserves the right to alter the suggested itineraries when required by circumstances such as, but not confined to, national holidays and major local events, closing days of museums, monument and restaurants, strikes, disruptions of service by one of our service providers, client preferences and interests, etc.

If such a change becomes necessary, we will make every effort to provide substitutions in kind therefore maintaining the same quality of itinerary originally stipulated in our tour presentation.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations by the Client must be made by email at office@wheninbucharest.com before the date of the tour. We will reply and acknowledge the cancellation via email.

The date you cancel the tour determines the refund according to our cancellation policy:

– for cancellation 30 days or more before the tour start there will be no cancellation fee

– for cancellation 29 days to 3 days before the tour start there will be a 20% cancellation fee from the total price of the tour. In case you paid the tour in full, we issue a refund of 80%. In case you paid only a deposit, we will issue a refund of the amount paid in excess of 20% of the tour’s price.

– for cancellation less than 3 days (72 hours) before the start of the tour: 100% cancellation fee, there will be no refund.

In the unlikely event that the tour is cancelled by When in Bucharest, due to weather or other circumstance, please find below the 3 options we provide for this cancellation:

– you may reschedule the tour OR

– you may choose the total refund of your payment OR

– you may credit towards another tour with our company.

During this period of the Coronavirus pandemic, as an alternative to the cancellation of your tour we offer the possibility to postpone the tour to another date within the next 3 years from the date of the tour.

Thank you for contacting us if you have questions about our cancellation policy.

Medical conditions
Please note that clients with physical problems (bad knees, mobility issues etc.) or medical problems that could in any way impact upon their participation in the tour or impact upon the general performance of the tour must make these conditions known to us in the moment of the booking. By notifying When in Bucharest, we will be able to plan the tour itinerary accordingly and provide the best experience. Failure to notify us could result in your exclusion from full participation in tour activities based on the Guide’s discretion.

When in Bucharest reserves the right to take photographs during tours and activities, as well as of photographs of clients during tours and activities. When in Bucharest reserves the right to use those photographs in promotional materials without compensation or advanced notice. For our website, we either request a photo from participants themselves, or else request permission for the use of one of our photos. If you find you don’t like the particular use of a photograph of you in our materials, please let us know in writing. In the case of electronic media (our website), we will remove it immediately. In the case of printed material, it will not be included in further printings.

Brand name
«When in Bucharest» is a brand of AB TEAM TOURS SRL company, registered at the Romanian Registry of Commerce in Bucharest and delivering private tour guiding services in Bucharest under the «When in Bucharest» brand name.